Did You Know?
You Can Choose who 
Repairs Your Vehicle!

So have you been in an Accident! 

Select what fits to your situation...

Did You Know?

If your car needs repair after an accident or incident, you do not have to use your insurer’s approved repairer.

Most insurance providers offer to have your car fixed by one of their own an approved repairer however you are allowed to go to your own repairer to have the work carried out.

Insurers have to allow this and they will still pay out if the claim is successful and that’s where Claims Management Companies come in.

You can trust us to carry out the work professionally and cost effectively. Our work is guaranteed and we only use approved replacement parts fitted by competent technicians so you can rest assured that the job is completed to your satisfaction.

If your vehicle is going to be off the road for a while then we can arrange for you to have the use of a courtesy car, subject to conditions.

We will provide you with a comprehensive itemised quote for the work and materials involved and forward it to your insurance provider.

SO...Who ever was at fault, Your car still needs repaired

Rossco Accident Repair Centre are here to assist you get on the road as quick as possible.

We will communicate with your Insurance Company and handle everything for you. 

We will keep you informed on the status and progress of the repair.

Every Insurance Company will try to insist that you use their nominated repairer. Just stand your ground and insist that you would prefer you own choice.