Non Fault Car

Accident Support

Free Non Fault Claim Management Service

Did you know if an accident is not your fault you don’t have to go through your car insurance? And that can come with some pretty amazing benefits!


If the accident or incident isn’t your fault, you don’t have to claim through your insurance company. If you do, it could affect your no claims discount, make you liable for an excess payment, see you without transport and tied to a repair shop miles away from your home.

Thats not the case with Rossco, we can support you with your claim, manage your vehicle replacement, repair and recovery without affecting your current insurance.

And best of all it's completely free, fill out the form now and one of our team will call you back as soon as we can with no obligation support or phone us to make a claim.

We're open Monday to Saturday between 8am and 5pm and if you fill out the application while outside of those hours we'll come back to you first thing the next day! or Call 07971 196333

We'll be happy to give you advice and there's no obligation to use our service, if you do decide to work with us our service is completely free and it will not effect your relationship with your current insurance company.